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Gourmet cafe coffee

A cafe coffee blend which is broadly popular is an important part of your business' success.
How do we know?

Because we are not just a wholesale coffee supplier, we don't just sell beans. We also have a successful retail outlet, an espresso bar, Mug Shots Espresso, at Sandgate in Brisbane.Our espresso bar, Mug Shots, 107 Brighton Rd Sandgate
Which means we know the challenges cafe owners and managers face, and the keys to making it work.

Apart from the cafe training and advice we can offer, we sell a gourmet product, which will hit the spot with your customers.

We only sell 100 per cent arabica beans.
Our house blend is a Rainforest Alliance certified, Brazilian gourmet blend.
It's semi-washed during processing, which means some of the fruit is still on the bean when first processed. It leaves chocolate and cocoa flavours in the bean, giving a pleasant smell and taste, while remaining full-bodied. It comes up beautifully in all coffees, particularly in milk-based espresso drinks such as lattes and cappucinos. Customers tell us they enjoy the unique flavours without the bitterness associated with many other coffees they've tried.

We also sell unique single origin beans from around the world. We have a constantly changing stock of gourmet coffees from all of the coffee producing continents. Some of our most popular include three of our Indian beans (including Tiger Mountain - below), a Costa Rican Tarrazu, and an Ethiopian bean.Just some of the coffees we have in at any one time

Single origin coffees are a great way to demonstrate to your customers your passion for excellent coffee. They do have more particular flavours, so you'll have a broader range of feedback; from those who think it's the best coffee they've ever had, to others who would prefer our house blend. That makes single origins a perfect add-on for your cafe.

Our key difference is the way we roast our coffees. We don't roast our beans as long, or as hot, as many other suppliers. The end result is a lighter roast, which means our beans retain more caffeine, develop more individual flavours in the cup, and lack the 'roasted' flavour which results in a drier mouthfeel or post-drink bitterness.

Try it, and enjoy the difference.

If you would like to talk more about serving our coffee in your cafe, contact us, or call 0421 705 141.