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You roast your own coffee? Where? How?

We sure do. We have a 10kg Has Garanti gas fired coffee roaster at our espresso bar, Mug Shots Espresso, in Sandgate, Brisbane.


You can read more about coffee roasting on our site. But the short answer is we take high quality 100 per cent arabica beans, which are raw or green, and roast them at more than 200C.

The process is pretty simple, the roaster's drum rotates above a large gas burner. It's a bit like a bbq gas burner, but much higher output.


Coffee roasting is about temperature and time; how hot, how quickly to increase the temperature, how long to roast for, and when to stop.


Feel free to visit our shop, or ask us more. We love to talk about our coffee.


Where do you get your beans from?

We source most of our beans from an importer in Melbourne. They import their coffees from farms and coffee merchants in most of the coffee producing regions of the world.


Our connoisseur range of beans is sourced differently, they're imported on our order. Some are imported by the Australian representative of Mercanta the Coffee Hunters, where we place an order months in advance, and have a selection of beans brought in to the country just for us.


Finally, for a very small percentage of our beans, we deal directly with the farmers overseas.


All of our coffees are supplied to us green, before we roast small amounts for our needs.


Some other websites and shops have coffees that are cheaper than yours, why is that?

The simple answer is bulk and quality. We are a boutique coffee roaster and only roast small batches.

Larger coffee retailers roast many dozens of kilograms of coffee in every batch, which means costs are lower.

The trade off is the coffee you buy from them today may have been roasted weeks, or even months before.

You can taste the difference with our coffee, and if you're not entirely satisfied, we'll give you your money back.

Also ask about the beans you're buying. Are they 100 per cent arabica? Or do they include some cheaper robusta?
Are they speciality coffees? Or whatever they can purchase in bulk? With some of our coffee, particularly our Connoisseur range, we can only source limited amounts each season.
You can learn more about the different coffee types on our blog.


Finally, make sure you factor in the cost of shipping when comparing to other websites. We subsidise your shipping costs, so you only pay $8 for up to 2.5kg of coffee, by Express Post anywhere in Australia.


Honestly, how fresh is your coffee?

As fresh as it can possibly be. As soon as your coffee is roasted it is cooled and immediately packed into an air-tight bag with a one-way valve.


This allows the carbon dioxide gas that is released after the roasting process to escape, but not allow oxygen in. Exposure to oxygen hastens your beans losing their freshness, so we encourage you to reseal the ziplock bag after every use.

How fresh is our coffee? We label every bag with the time of day it was taken out of the roaster. It will be at your door within days of roasting.

You can't get fresher than that.

Can I drink it straight away, do I need to do anything to it?
It is entirely possible your order will arrive at your door within 24 hours of being roasted, particularly if it is delivered to your work.

We recommend you check the roasting time labelled on your coffee pack and wait until 24 hours have passed. This will allow the beans to finish giving off the carbon dioxide gas that is a typical byproduct of the roasting process.
Can I buy my coffee pre-ground?

You can, at no extra cost. However, we strongly recommend buying whole beans and grinding to order.

Why? The best way to buy and store our beans is whole. As soon as your beans are ground, they start to lose their flavour. Keeping it in a vacuum sealed bag, as supplied by Budan Beans, will help.


But to get the freshest flavour possible, we recommend grinding immediately before use. If you are looking for recommendations for an affordable grinder, contact us.

How do I keep my coffee fresher, longer, and how long can I keep it?

This is a matter of some debate. Some people will tell you that the vacuum sealed bags we supply will keep your coffee fresh for up to two years. We think that's stretching it. Others recommend keeping your coffee in the fridge or freezer.
If you live in a hot climate, and you make sure the vacuum bag is sealed, there is some merit to this.
Unsealed, the coffee (particularly if it is ground) will take on other flavours from the fridge. Yuk.

At home, we keep our coffee in the same bags we supply to you, with no need to keep our stash in the fridge. Our coffee doesn't last long around here before it is brewed, but usually we bring home two weeks supply at a time.


How much is shipping?

We subsidise the cost of shipping on larger orders.To save on shipping, you can combine multiple orders of 500g and 1kg, and ship by Express Post or delivery by courier. Shipping is a flat rate at $8 for up to 2.5kg, anywhere in Australia.

If you are in Brisbane, you can pickup at our espresso bar, Mug Shots Espresso; 107 Brighton Rd, Sandgate at no charge.

If you would like to discuss corporate coffee or wholesale coffee, please contact us to discuss pricing.

How long until my coffee arrives?

We endeavour to process and ship every order within 48 hours.
However, if we know we are roasting your particular bean in another 24 hours, we'll wait until then to fulfill your order.


The aim is to make sure you get the freshest possible coffee landing at your door.
We ship your order using either Express Post or a courier company, with each promising delivery within 24 hours to most locations. If Australia Post or our courier does not deliver on time, please let us know. If they are at fault, we will refund the cost of shipping.