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At Budan Beans, we love our coffee

We have been fortunate enough to be able to source some of the world's finest coffees, and enjoyed sharing them with friends and family. It was their suggestion we share them with a wider audience.

Initially we started selling online. But a lack of consistency in the cafes we frequent led us (again at the suggestion of friends) to open a place of our own. So in 2009 we opened Mug Shots Espresso at Sandgate, and moved our roaster in there.

That took off faster than we ever anticipated. So now, with a larger roaster installed, and with larger volumes enabling us to source coffees from further afield, Budan Beans was born.
It has also led us to supply coffee to cafes and coffee outlets. 

We trial all of the coffees we offer for sale. Usually it takes us many, many cups of coffee to be sure the beans we have selected are good enough to put our name to them. Yes, it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

We have a 10kg and a 2kg Has Garanti, gas-fired drum roaster to individually roast small batches of beans. After roasting, the beans are air-cooled with the machine's mixing wands helping to rapidly reduce their temperature. All of the images you see on the right are from our roastery.

Our aim is to sell you Australia's freshest coffee. We want you to enjoy our product so much you want to share it with your friends, your family and your workmates.

We also aim to roast a unique, boutique product. We roast lighter than a lot of other coffee roasters. Each has their own style, but we prefer to highlight the individual flavours of each bean, and the unique characteristics which are only present in a lighter roast.
It's different, and we're sure you'll find (at least) one you will love. 

If for any reason you think our coffee can improve, let us know. With a variety of beans on offer each month, there is something for every palate, so contact us and we will find the perfect bean for you.